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Antalis buys iconic Data Copy brand from Metsä Board


June 15, 2015 - Antalis, Europe’s leading paper merchant, has acquired the Data Copy brand of office paper as well as all its associated proprietary trademarks from Metsä Board. Antalis will take over the Data Copy brand from 1st July.


The acquisition of this leading brand reinforces Antalis’ presence in the office market and enables the company to provide customers with an enlarged office product offer with a wider choice of top-ranking brands. Data Copy has a long-standing reputation on the market, bringing innovation and services such as easy opening packaging and Grab&Go soft carry handles to a loyal customer base, and a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing.


The acquisition is in line with Antalis’s office strategy which focuses efforts on key strategic brands, either owned by Antalis such as Image, and now Data Copy, or exclusive trademark licenced brands such as Xerox®. Mill and OEM brands for which Antalis has some exclusivity, such as Pioneer® and HP®, also remain important.


Xavier Jouvet, Group Marketing and Purchasing Director of Antalis International said; “We are proud to include the leading Data Copy brand in our Office Papers portfolio. The brand fits in seamlessly with our Office strategy and will bring added value to Office customers looking to combine versatility and environmental performance.”


About Antalis
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