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The goal of Antalis is to be THE eco responsible paper merchant, and we have fully embedded this goal into both our business and our strategy. To do so, Antalis has created the Green Connection initiative, bringing together all our related initiatives and programs to create a comprehensive offer of responsible products and services, actions, communication, and marketing tools.

Today, Antalis is concentrating its efforts on developing a range of eco-responsible papers. What do we mean by eco-responsible? We believe a credible eco-responsible paper product must take into account two elements: the origin of its raw materials and its manufacturing process. Furthermore, we believe our products must be judged against internationally recognized standards, and should be easy for our customers to identify, understand and use to communicate their environmental efforts. As a response to this challenge, Antalis has created the Green Star SystemTM. It converts often highly technical information about sourcing, materials and manufacturing into a simple rating anyone can understand. It’s ideal for companies wishing to communicate their environmental efforts. To know more about the Green Star System, click on

In this Green Star System ranking, Data Copy ranks 4 stars.

Here you can learn more about the environmental accreditations.

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